Stock Option Simulator updated on the App Store

icon_150Updated for iOS 7.

The price of a stock option tells only part of the story. The distribution of the payoff at maturity is a useful tool to assess the risk associated with a stock option.

The Stock Option Simulator uses stochastic modeling to simulate payoffs of a stock option and displays the results as a histogram. The Stock Option Simulator offers a selection of twenty standard and exotic options.


Inventory Expert on the App Store

icon 150The iPhone app inventoryexpert assists you in building a thorough inventory of your personal possessions. inventoryexpert serves two purposes: 1) determines the amount of overall insurance coverage you need and 2) stores the information you will need when it’s time to file a claim in the event of fire, earthquake or burglary.

inventoryexpert uses templates from insurance companies and insurance state departments to assist you in building your inventory. These templates provide a checklist of items grouped by rooms and categories.

Simply provide the quantity of each item, the total cost of replacement and take a picture. The replacement cost differs from the purchase price. It is the price you would pay today to replace the item with a similar item. For valuable possessions, provide additional information such as serial and model numbers and include pictures of bills, receipts, warranties and instruction manuals.

The inventory you create is saved according to the settings of your iPhone. For more security, use the export function to export a detailed Excel report together with all picture files which are then available to you through iTunes File Sharing.

Finally, keep copies of your personal inventory on USB keys stored in different locations. Make sure to update your inventory regularly.